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AFT-DSA-02 (Ship Commands)

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AFT-DSA-02 (Ship Commands)

Post by Universe Overwatch on 21.09.11 12:56

I believe it rather goes without saying that the ability to issue orders plays an integral role in the success of one's enterprise. Unless you plan on working from telepathy alone you're going to have to know how to move your ships through space and make the cogs on the factories you'll soon have turn. The Lost Universe Hub features a highly unique and intelligent fleet and infrastructure command operating system (FICOS) -- basically a means of managing and moving your ships better than you would in the X Universe, enough said -- that will serve your every navigational action from scout to battleship, and using this feature is very much so the most user friendly aspect of what you're about to embark upon. So, with your excavation barge, freighter, and mercenary corvette ready to deploy, we can take this time to teach you how it all works.

We're going to ignore this big tactical device for now because it has a lot of different colours and words and will only give you a headache if you stare at it for too long. Essentially, that's a 3D representation of one of the universe's many sectors and the location of all known infrastructure and large fleets, as well as a vague identification of space ownership. It is public intel which certainly isn't perfect but is effective enough when operating out in the quiet realm of neutral space as a beginner who really doesn't want to run into anybody the wrong way. If you're wondering, you'll start off in the middle -- a wee cluster of neutral stations surrounded by vast emptiness. Hey, at least the view's nice.

Now, hopefully you'll have checked up on your assets in the private section on the main Hub but if not, I'd do so and familiarize yourself with the junk you own and what good it'll do you before we set out to get ourselves torpedoed. That out of the way, it's time to throw yourself into the captain's chair. You'll be spending all of your time there, because managing your assets in the Lost Universe is done remotely through issued commands and without your own direct interaction. Fear not, however, for these commands can be as comprehensive and lengthy as you wish as they will be interpreted by the Overwatch (basically the guy in charge of, well, everything -- that and I ran out of new ways to glorify myself) and put into effect accordingly. Where do I issue these commands and how exactly, do I hear you ask? New paragraph!

Under the personal assets tab on the main Hub (use the link provided above, I'm not going to put it here again because that would require effort) you will see a header labeled Action Terminal. In the aforementioned terminal there will be a very large amount of blank, boring space (as if there's never enough of that, right?) and you may be thinking there's something wrong with that. Well, no. The Action Terminal is where you issue your commands to just about anything you own and you can pretty much say whatever you want in there. Now you're stopping me again and wondering, with all these possibilities, what am I supposed to do? The answer in a word: command. You're in charge of your assets (until you join an alliance, and things get complicated but we'll ignore that for now) and how you wish to direct them is entirely at your will. It doesn't really matter what you say so long as it gets the point across, but there is a conventionally-accepted format for doing so, and here's an example.

New Topic (Topic Name for the general command you are issuing but can be as simple as New Command)

Command Here
eg. "My Excavation Barge 01 is to undock from its current station (Neutral Warehouse) with M6 Escort Corvette and make at best speed a course for AFT-DSA Neutral Asteroid Cluster and begin the drilling process. As the vessel's cargo hold fills return it to the station (Neutral Warehouse) at 50000, 55000, 3000 and store everything while under the close watch of the corvette. Continue this process until 1,000,000 units of ore have been accumulated. If enemies with a force greater than a lone M6 are sighted within maximum visual range, halt all industrial activities and make best speed to the nearest and safest neutral station on route."

Well, whatever fool made that command clearly didn't realize he could use his freighter to assist his barge while it mines. Nonetheless, this is a rather comprehensive command and will take care of the barge for a few days at the least, so you don't have to worry about issuing any other commands until it's finished its task (upon which you will be duly notified) unless you wish to stop it in favour of a new directive. Remember that this is a forum-based operation and all commands are interpreted by the Universe Overwatch, so be as lengthy and descriptive as you must to commence a good, solid operation. To this end, always specify ship and stations names whenever they are mentioned (if only one ship is being commanded, all orders within the command procedure will be interpreted as for the ship first specified by default as seen in the example above). Another thing to be aware of is failsafing, which will be explained later.

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