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Sāhari Drydock Administration

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Sāhari Drydock Administration

Post by Universe Overwatch on 14.04.12 19:24

Sāhari Drydock Administration is the primary ship construction enterprise within the Psion Assembly. Based out of San Sāhar, this small and relatively young group exists to provide the Assembly with the highest quality craft, especially since the third international expansion phase, in which the nation became the last of the four sovereignty-holding empires to colonize distant land. While its product line may be limited, Sāhari vessels are world-renowned for their comfort, efficiency, and seaworthiness.

The Sāhari Drydock Administration jack is a long, tapered, white banner that often features the Assembly cross in deep red or cyan. It is rarely flown on anything but ships in dock and on the shipyard’s facilities themselves, but is a familiar sight among rivercraft in the Sāhari Basin during festivities.

Iestra Foundation

Psion Assembly

Rateskejard State

Talos Republic of Tribes

Active Facilities

San Sāhar
- Shipyard
- Dockyard

San Jatar
Half Isle
- Dockyard

Nautical Vessels

Templar Galleon
Heavy Warship

28 cannon
+500% Psionics
20 + 100 crew

Exploration Ship

+200% Psionics
40 crew

Heavy Transport

8 crew

Medium Transport

3 crew


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