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AFT-DSA-00 (Welcome)

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AFT-DSA-00 (Welcome)

Post by Universe Overwatch on 21.09.11 11:38

Welcome, pilot, to the Advanced Fleet Training and Deep Space Administration knowledge center. This guide exists to cover all aspects of survival in Andromeda and will prove an invaluable asset when setting out into the field for the first time. Below you will find an archive of contents to navigate you through this comprehensive database, and a full read-through will be necessary for those seeking to utilize every aspect of the world to its true potential.

These guides have not been updated since the Cataclysm; some material may be obsolete. Consult the expertise of others on the field if you find useful knowledge to be in short supply.

Welcome You are here
Setting Out
Ship Commands
Tactical Reports
Docking & Inactivity
Basic Industry
Ships & Combat
The Unknown
Ship Modification


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