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New Ship Design:M7G

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New Ship Design:M7G Empty New Ship Design:M7G

Post by Trooper on 07.11.11 23:54

New Ship Design:M7G Gunship

well took me awhile but i came up with a new ship design finaly well let's start the story,

The M7G was orignaly created By (Alliance Admiral Trooper1994) of the "Consortium Of Buccaners" as a way to counter, Crusiers,Corvettes,Fighters, tho at a cost to shield regn and sizeof the shield,the M7G sports Heavy Armor More than your regular M7, and speed but it's true value is a raiding vessel it is fast light but still heavy enough to take on a Crusier and advanced Targeting and and range allow it to hit fighter and corvette swarms more accurately and farther away than most ships also (Warning do Not take on a frigate with this ship!) it would be eaten up and spit out by any regular M7,but the GunBoat is still a powerful vessel in it's own right so expect to see one comeing near you.



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