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AFT-DSA-04 (Failsafing)

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AFT-DSA-04 (Failsafing) Empty AFT-DSA-04 (Failsafing)

Post by Universe Overwatch on 21.09.11 21:38

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Failsafing is the process of setting precedents for ship responses upon encountering or spotting an enemy and should be considered before departing on any lengthy and/or particularly dangerous endeavour. By default, an industrial ship that detects the presence of a lone enemy fighter, freighter, or other relatively harmless craft will not stray from its directive unless it is attacked, but if it spots a large force on the horizon it will naturally seek shelter at nearby dockable infrastructure or in the presence of friendly capital ships at last resort; warships react in a similar manner but have a much greater danger threshold and will even pick fights if granted the leniency to do so. In most cases these rather lax measures will suffice but sometimes paranoia is a virtue. You can either specify the ship's instructions when dealing with enemies in the command itself (as mentioned here) or you can set the ship's failsafe as follows:

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eg. "My Trade Wing 03 of ships Split Caiman Hauler and Paranid Medusa (4) are to respond to hostile scenarios through this precedent: if combined enemy firepower within visual range is less than one corvette set escort drones (Paranid Medusa (4)) to engage in a concentrated fashion all enemies within 40 km beginning with the greatest and/or fastest threat. If combined enemy firepower within visual range is greater than a lone corvette set all ships to withdraw from the area at best speed and set bearing away from the approaching enemy as best as possible. If hostiles are fast approaching, set escort fighters to engage in a concentrated fashion the closest enemies within 20 km."

Obviously, this is a highly comprehensive failsafe and covers a very broad range of scenarios by doing so. While not all precedents need to be this inclusive, generally speaking the more descriptive the better, and if you just wanted the ships to react in a more casual manner then you'd specify this in the individual commands you place upon them. After all, you're setting a failsafe so it should be a last ditch effort for survival and a decisive commander tailors how his units react to situations with each given command to ensure an appropriate response regardless.

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