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Armaments & Protection Empty Armaments & Protection

Post by Universe Overwatch on 20.11.11 4:20

Armaments & Protection Armame13

There are three types of armament that can be equipped to any weapon-bearing spacecraft, and of each type there can be found heavy and light variants. While the ultimate goal of combat is the destruction of all opposition, it is always wise to consider your options and weigh the scales of war based on the capabilities of your own fleet and that of your enemy.

Energy-Induction Weaponry
Armaments & Protection Railgu10Armaments & Protection Gatlin10
Strong against shields

Very high range & damage
Very poor angular tracking

  • 40-metre Anti-Proton Siege Railgun
    Super Capital (200 km)
  • 12-metre Railgun
    Capital (100 km)
  • 3-metre Railgun
    Sub-Capital (10 km)

The railgun is the most favoured weapon platform in Andromeda and finds itself to be a staple aboard Profit Guild warships of all kinds, due in no small part its incredible range and terrifying accuracy. While it lacks the ability to track targets that get up close and personal and demands a great deal of energy to fire, the railgun will strike hard and true in any combat scenario where distance favours its user.

Gauss Cannon
Good range & damage
Poor angular tracking

  • Heavy Repeating Gauss Cannon
    Capital (20 km)
  • Light Repeating Gauss Cannon
    Sub-Capital (5 km)

Repeating Gauss cannon are powerful mid-range armament found aboard most Profit Guild warships and used often in skirmish warfare. While not possessing nearly as much stopping power as their heavier railgun counterparts or the agility of quick-firing chainguns, Gauss cannon often find their niche in the strategic battlefield where it may be necessary to strike the enemy from afar with reliable and consistent efficiency, especially where railguns may be deemed too cumbersome.

Conventional Projectile Weaponry
Armaments & Protection Artill10Armaments & Protection Chaing11
Strong against shields

Extraordinary damage
Very poor accuracy

  • 800mm Flak Artillery
    Capital (50 km)
  • 300mm Repeating Howitzer
    Sub-Capital (3 km)

Conventional but by no means obsolete, the flak artillery cannon is a fearsome juggernaut mounted to most Split and outlaw battleships. Renowned for their incredible damage capacities at the expense of range and accuracy, iron-slugging mass drivers and ammunition-hungry repeating howitzers will wreak havoc on a battlefield of many where precision is not a priority.

Very high damage & rate of fire
Very poor range

  • 150mm Scram Cannon
    Capital (10 km)
  • 70mm Gatling Autocannon
    Sub-Capital (2 km)
  • 40mm Chaingun
    Light (1 km)

Belt-fed Gatling guns and autocannon are a staple in skirmish warfare, and often find themselves aboard allied and anarchist spacecraft of all kinds in some form or another. While possessing the poorest range of all armament on the market and unreliably inaccurate, chainguns are purpose-built to shred everything made of metal unlucky enough to enter its kill zone. Nuff said.

Particle Beam Weaponry
Armaments & Protection Pulse_10Armaments & Protection Partic10
Strong against armor

Pulse Emitters
Very high damage & accuracy
Very high energy demand

  • 1 GW Modal Trans-Phase Siege Cannon
    Super Capital (100 km)
  • 50 MW Concussion Shockwave Generator
    Capital (75 km)
  • 10 MW Radiation Scattering Cannon
    Sub-Capital (5 km)

Xaar's finest anti-materiel weapon is manifested through the focused pulse emitter. This armament, while extremely power-intensive, is more than capable of burning clean through modern armor and wreaking havoc on shipboard energy grids and electronics. While it may not possess the range of its Profit Guild counterparts, this ferocious laser platform will hit its mark with tremendous stopping power if not properly deflected.

Particle Accelerators
Extraordinary accuracy
Poor range & damage

  • 25 MW Phased Particle Accelerator Cannon
    Capital (15 km)
  • 5 MW Phased Particle Accelerator Cannon
    Sub-Capital (3 km)
  • 1 MW Gatling Impulse Cannon
    Light (1 km)

The particle accelerator cannon has served as the workhorse of fighter combat since the first Xenon conflict. While recently replaced by much more reliable railguns and crushing artillery among the allied arsenal, particle accelerators have manifested themselves in the Paranid Navy as a tremendous predator on any scale. They are commonly used in skirmish warfare due to their unrivaled agility and muzzle velocity, and the simple fact that they require no bulky ammunition components to fire makes them the weapon of choice for Xaar's conservative attack fleet.

Ion Neutralizers
Armaments & Protection Ion_ne10
Strong against energy grids

  • 100 MW Scattered Siege Energy Destabilizer
    Super Capital (100 km)
  • 25 MW Polarized Energy Destabilizer
    Capital (20 km)
  • 5 MW Energy Destabilizer
    Sub-Capital (5 km)

Ion neutralizers are powerful support weapons based on archaic Boron-developed ion disruptor technology. While non-lethal unless in enormous quantity, ion neutralizers will easily, and alarmingly quickly, burn out the powergrid of a targeted spacecraft, thus rendering its shield, armament, and propulsion systems temporary inoperable. This tactic is not without penalty, however, for the use of ion neutralizers greatly taxes the local ship's own energy grid and will impart a dangerous stress load on its reactor if abused in combat.

Armaments & Protection Torped10Armaments & Protection Swarm10
Strong against shields and armor

Very high range & damage
Very easy to countermeasure

  • Broadsword Heavy Torpedo
    300 m/s (210 seconds)
    10 second reload (120 second arming period)

  • Shortsword HARM Torpedo
    800 m/s (30 seconds)
    10 second reload (120 second arming period)

Torpedoes are large, heavy ordnance deployed by cruisers and fighter-bombers to bring down capital ships at a range. While they may be fairly easy to counter through the use of missile swarms and turret fire, there's no disputing the simple fact that a well-placed barrage of torpedoes is going to ruin someone's day.

Missile Swarms
Very high accuracy
Very short range

  • Poltergeist Multiple-Homing Missile Swarm
    1,500 m/s (10 seconds)
    5 second reload (60 second arming period)

  • Spectre Twin-Stage Precision Bus
    2,500 m/s (6 seconds)
    5 second reload (60 second arming period)

Missile swarms are tactical weapons deployed by cruisers to counter enemy torpedoes and fighter drones in space. Some swarms are designed to engage a single target with overwhelming force while others may be used against multiple targets simultaneously, but at the end of the day missile swarms in general pose a credible threat to fighter wings and enemy ordnance alike. Swarms may be countered by rapid-firing chainguns and other swarms, if applicable.

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Armaments & Protection Empty Re: Armaments & Protection

Post by Universe Overwatch on 20.11.11 16:50

Armaments & Protection 8-0

There are two types of protection that can be mounted to a ship and both serve vastly different purposes in combat. While it is possible to utilize both at the same time, it is wise to consider your enemy's capabilities before welding bulky armor plates and power-hungry shield generators to a once-versatile spacecraft. Bigger isn't always better.

Strong against energy attacks

Phased Molecular Defense Field
Very strong defense
Very high energy requirement

The phased molecular defense field is the protection of choice for siege warfare and long, unpredictable engagements. Extremely durable when pitted against particle beam weaponry and engineered to prevent shipboard electronic damage in combat, the molecular field is an easy favourite among capital ship operators who need not concern themselves with its massive energy demand, because a ship bolstering a molecular energy field will not be able to reroute its energy elsewhere unless an energy cell injection is available. Nevertheless, this protection system will hold strong and true until the very end.

Laced Energy Field
Very low energy requirement
Weak defense

The laced energy field is the shield of seasoned skirmishers and guerrillas who prefer to rely on their own skill to avoid incoming fire, and wish to allocate their ship's reactor to other tasks. While this shield may be weak at best, it certainly offers a vast array of possibilities with regards to shipboard energy management, which a small craft pilot may use to their utmost advantage to overwhelm a powerful enemy.

Strong against physical attacks

Reinforced Titanium Composite Alloy
Very strong against railguns
Very heavy mass

Reinforced titanium is among the most common types of armor employed in ship warfare and is highly effective at standing up to most combat scenarios, but is ultimately designed for anti-railgun protection that is second-to-none. Thick as it may be, this armor is not designed to withstand the explosive properties of artillery or the abrasion of chainguns, and its heavy mass will greatly inhibit evasive maneuvers in combat.

Hardened Steel Alloy
Very strong against artillery
Very heavy mass

Hardened steel is often found aboard pirate and other outlaw vessels that encounter primarily conventional projectile weaponry. This armor has an enormous explosive resistance and will hold together well against the stress of chainguns, but will do little against the superior penetration of high-powered railguns. This armor is also very cumbersome and will restrict evasive maneuvers in combat.

Carbon-Steel Membrane
Very light mass
Weak defense

Carbon-steel is a lightweight metal used on most fighter craft, even in the Profit Guild navies, due to its ease of manufacture and lack of mechanical drawback. This armor is little more than a decoration with regards to warship combat, but will prove very effective in skirmish warfare where agility and speed dictates the outcome of an engagement.


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