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AFT-DSA-03 (Tactical Reports)

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AFT-DSA-03 (Tactical Reports) Empty AFT-DSA-03 (Tactical Reports)

Post by Universe Overwatch on 23.09.11 0:42

AFT-DSA-03 (Tactical Reports) LogoTech-180x160

Whenever you issue a command to a ship, fleet, or piece of infrastructure you will be notified when the directive is actually carried out via tactical report under your private asset management tab. For the most part, orders will be put into effect the moment you post the command and not when they are actually acknowledged several hours later so not to cause any inconvenient delay, but should there be any discrepancy or other concerns regarding the execution of a command you will be notified that such action(s) cannot be carried out and why. This is just one of the many invaluable functions of the tactical report feature, for it is also responsible for reporting enemy movement to the letter and will serve as a much better early warning system than the Tactical Interface.

Additionally, you may request information from the tactical report interface at any time in your Action Terminal as such:

New Topic

I would like to request a full tactical report from my ship Argon Siren under Long-Range Recon Wing 01 currently on patrol near deposit Sacred Ruins. This report will include activity, hostility, and allegiance of all ships within maximum detection range. I would like this report to arrive once per 12 hours until the vessel is docked in three days in accordance to its current directive.

Now that's about as comprehensive as a tactical report request gets, and certainly covers a lot of elements. You certainly don't need to demand everything unless you can actually interpret it all but those in the intelligence trade will find such ability more useful than even weaponry. With that sent, the Siren black operations destroyer on stealth patrol above will begin transmitted detailed reports at a set interval, twice per day. Its commander can expect that such reports may be slightly early or delayed by up to an hour (or more, should complications arise), but can expect a good, consistent supply of intel without much effort or risk, due in no small part the black-ops' ability to conceal itself in space. At this point in time, you don't have anything close to that luxury but the premise is still valid -- your ships are your eyes and ears so rely on them at every opportunity to relay the information necessary for their survival.

Other uses for the tactical report interface include immediate combat response logs (detailing hostile actions that your ship, fleet, or infrastructure were involved in that you may not have been able to predict or oversee, and the outcome thereof), as well as resource surveillance logs when checking for good mineral deposits, and generic updates such as resource deficiency, full shipyard hangars, blueprint discoveries, and command completion or abortion, etc.



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