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Post by Universe Overwatch on 27.12.11 2:51

Ship Concepts Aniara

Aniara is the hallmark of Federation starship engineering. First laid down nearly three jazuras ago during the third Expansion Phase into Solara, this young yet fearsome warship marks the pinnacle of combat functionality in a versatile, highly industrious layout. Aniara's unrivaled hangar capacity augments its meticulous armament grid, integrated to create the most influential and potentially destructive behemoth ever to sail the dark skies.

Ship Concepts Pathfi14

Bearing much resemblance to its sister ship, the Project "Pathfinder" ultra-heavy weapon platform was still in its prototype phase upon the colonization of Andromeda, but found its place among the armada upon its severance from the Expansion Region. Sporting its deck of siege armaments with vicious pride, the Pathfinder has as much bite as it does bark, and has adopted a fearsome reputation in a very short time despite a limited presence on the battlefield. Very little else is known regarding this warship's combat capabilities, due in no small part draconian security measures surrounding its very existence.

Ship Concepts Tl_mas12

The Mastodon-class mobile smelting station and battlegroup resupply ship was the earliest development for the next-generation Federation supercapital platform and, as the forerunner in the extreme heavy industry category, remains the benchmark in which all racial counterparts strive to outmatch—with little success. The Mastodon today is the smallest ship of its class, but is second to none with regards to internal shipbuilding and overall operational quality. Industrialists who demand combat resilience and production efficiency will find this all-inclusive powerhouse to be a formidable asset to any large-scale industrial or military enterprise.

Ship Concepts Siren14

In timely mercenary tradition, the illustrious Titan destroyer platform saw major redevelopment in recent jazuras to better suit the needs of private military corporations and wealthy privateer firms. The Siren is perhaps the best-known example of an effective, agile, and circumstantially-flexible strike package in the Profit Guild armada. This ship, true to its image, is a gutless scourge with a devastating knack for guerrilla warfare.

Ship Concepts Cockat11

The Cockatrice was the first dedicated stealth platform to be commissioned into active service by the Federal Argon Navy nearly five jazuras ago, and has since evolved into a staple for armed reconnaissance and high-risk patrol duty. While the black-ops frigate's weapon layout is aptly suited for ranged warfare, a skilled captain will find this warship to be adept at skirmish engagement due in no small part its low profile and generous firing arcs.

Ship Concepts Tigers11

Upon completion of the Megalodon-class battleship, guardian of the Kingdom's tranquil waters, Queen Menelaus issued a seven-jazura development contract to Atreus Shipbuilding Currents for a compact, modern heavy capital with ferocity and elegance. The public release of the Tigershark black-operations destroyer served as a cornerstone for the Kingdom's entry into the tactical warfare theatre; a change that would forever mark the naturally peaceful Boron as a legitimate contender in the conquest for space and political identity.

Ship Concepts Sabret10

One of the toughest dreadnoughts ever to prowl the Commonwealth, the Dynasty's eldest supercapital ship stands testament to Rhonkar's might. While far from a recent design, the Sabretooth-class supercarrier still clearly bodes well on the modern battlefield. This warship, purpose-built to drive fleets into the heart of an engagement with frighteningly quick efficiency, remains the most time-honoured weapon in the Dynasty's sizable arsenal. Still proving a solid adversary in any combat scenario, this battle-hardened relic is destined to serve as the spearhead of Rhonkar's finest for many jazuras to come.

Ship Concepts Taipan10

The Taipan is the Dynasty's modern gunslinger. First manifested only two jazuras ago under the Fists of Rhonkar, this battleship makes up for in brute strength and fleet fire superiority what it lacks in siege capacity, as it remains the only ship of its class without the ability to mount supercapital armaments. Nevertheless, a full artillery broadside from this razor-toothed monster will wreck someone's day real fast.

Ship Concepts Anacon10

The Anaconda-class tactical destroyer was the Dynasty's belated response to Xaar's Poseidon. True to Split doctrine, this ship's mobility and aggression remain second to none in its class, though its unusually keen all-around turret coverage over the favoured broadside loadout is a rare foray for Dynasty engineering. Furthermore, this is actually quite deadly from all angles, which may just be why it's among the most popular heavy capitals on the market.

Ship Concepts Wyvern11

When it comes to the final word in privateering, look no further. The Wyvern, built from blueprints hijacked by wealthy pirate cartels several jazuras ago, has rapidly evolved into a reputable staple for light guerrilla warfare in the Commonwealth and, increasingly so, Solara. Pronounced agility and incredible stopping power roll off the tongue of any skilled pilot who has had the luxury of emptying this ship's voracious chaingun bandoliers into an unsuspecting prey.

Ship Concepts M1_oly10

Ship Concepts M2_tha10

Ship Concepts Tl_orc11

Ship Concepts Paladi10


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