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Race Dossier 8-0

Advanced Fleet Training and Deep Space Administration Commission

The AFT-DSA Commission are currently the largest public authority in the Lost Universe and, representing each of the six races in the political struggle that has befallen the secluded galaxy since its severance from the Expansion Region nearly a year ago, is the sole governing power over Inner Andromeda's neutral zone. AFT-DSA is undoubtedly the largest supplier of ships and crews to trained captains and owns the largest public intelligence network in all of Andromeda—the Hub included. All newly licensed pilots will pass through a rigorous preparation process in order to ensure their competence in the field, seeing as the survival of civilization in the Lost Universe is now in the hands of those capable of prospering as numbers and resources only diminish by day. To that end, the assembly strives to unite all alliances for a common goal but respects the freedom of the individual in its neutrality. The only hostile action the AFT-DSA will take is in self-defense, and its facilities are free to use by anyone provided their intentions are not purely destructive.

Race Dossier Argon_Net
Argon Federation

The Federation were among the first to discover Inner Andromeda no more than a year ago and took to colonizing it quickly to heart, placing the jurisdiction of this new territory under the AFT-DSA paramilitary while seeking a stable supply of resources from this new and untapped expanse of uncharted space. While plans to establish a three-way gate network between Andromeda, the Commonwealth, and the Expansion Region were quick to come about, thus opening a commercial network between the settled world and vast resource deposits of the unknown, the collapse of the primary wormhole between the Expansion Region and Andromeda in Armstrong halted all progress in its tracks. Those stranded in the distant galaxy turned to the AFT-DSA and obligatorily-benevolent Profit Guild for reassurance of their connection with civilization but were offered little hope, and to this day remain loyal to the Federate flag despite their lost cause.

Argon spacecraft are some of the highest quality available and offer excellent opportunity in the way of offense. Specializing in long range superiority, Federation warships are able to strike hard and true from unrivaled distances—a tactic prided upon by those who execute it flawlessly in combat. In addition to their military prowess, the Argon still retain their industrial efficiency in the form of high-yield mining equipment and offer some of the most sophisticated drilling hardware available.

Race Dossier Boron_Net
Kingdom of Boron

When the Argon first brought their colonial infrastructure to Inner Andromeda the Boron stood beside them as they always had, watching with great interest the Federation's industrial efforts while silently conducting their own operations of the like. With the Kingdom's treasury dwindling by the day the frugal Boron were at a great imperial disadvantage, and had much less time to establish their presence in Andromeda before the wormhole's collapse.

Today the Boron experience the greatest hardships in the Lost Universe and are very logistically-minded. Their ships were quick to drop their illustrious aesthetic appeal and battlefield superiority in favour of utilitarian upgrades and enormous cargo extensions, and are capable of moving goods with far greater ease than anyone else in space because of it. However, the inherent drawbacks of such changes are evident on the field and the Boron are finding it increasingly difficult to defend their assets from more quality-minded adversaries. Pirates and mercenaries do find such commercial improvements beneficial to their hoarding efforts though, and are able to pack a lot more into their hauls. At this point the exiled Boron couldn't care less.

Race Dossier Paranid_Net
Paranid Empire

There is little more to be said of the Empire and its operations in the Lost Universe aside from selfish and uncoordinated. The last race to enter Inner Andromeda, and through brute force alone, the Paranid have very limited infrastructure but have focused their efforts almost entirely on impeding the progress of everyone else with extreme religious fervour. Being the only race with a clear distaste for the AFT-DSA Commission, all contact between alliances and what remains of the Empire is conducted at a voluntary assumption of risk.

Paranid ships are undoubtedly the most fierce in all of Andromeda, a true testament to their determination and superiority. Focusing on all aspects of warfare, those sailing under the forgotten Empire can expect a generous advantage in overall firepower at the expense of industrial capacity. It's also quite impressive how many ships the Paranid have succeeded in welding hangar slots onto.

Race Dossier Split_Net
Split Dynasty

No one can be certain as to exactly how the Rhonkar's presence in Andromeda came about, but the Dynasty took the outer fringes of space by storm before the wormhole's collapse. Surprisingly neutral to the AFT-DSA Commission despite their fragile relations with the Argon Federation and much of the Andromedian state, the Split have isolated themselves and prefer to work independently as much as possible so not to stir the diplomatic pot when so much is at stake on all sides. It can only be assumed that the Split will contest with the other races over resources when their numbers are much greater, but for now are only interested in their survival alone.

Split ships are easily the fastest, most agile of all in space and are extremely adept at guerrilla warfare among other tactics. While not directly interested in seizing space for their own they do maintain their powerful navy to jealously guard their industrial efforts as the Paranid wreak havoc on space across the Lost Universe; the Split remain a major supplier to mercenaries, swashbuckling turn-coat privateers, and militaristic alliances for this reason. To this end, it would seem the future of their well-oiled, paranoid economy is in good hands.

Race Dossier Teladi_Net
Teladi Company

The Teladi have an apparently unlimited presence in Andromeda and are among the more tolerant races stranded in the Lost Universe. Co-operating the Profit Guild itself while assisting greatly in the upkeep of AFT-DSA Commission, as well as having secured the largest proportion of minerals out of the six factions in the Lost Universe, the Company is at a great economical advantage, as always. While they may not have the technology or manpower to keep up with their closely-allied Argon Federation the Teladi have retained their tight grip on Andromeda's precious resource deposits by building the vast majority of their infrastructure among them.

Company ships are unrivaled in their defensive superiority and are greatly respected for their resilience in the field. Sporting the toughest shield complements, it is without question the Teladi are able to hold up against even their battle-hardened Paranid foes with remarkable ease, despite their lack of strong offense or mobility. The Teladi take great pride in their utilitarian yet highly effective designs and are a considerable force to be reckoned with even when conditions are far from favourable.

Race Dossier Terracorp_Net
Terran Democracy

While Aldrin was the first to discover the Andromeda-Armstrong wormhole, the Terran Democracy were quick to seize control over its entrance, effectively quarantining the anomaly while they conducted their own exploration operations within. After only a month of lax scrutiny the Democracy deemed Inner Andromeda suitable for colonization. They were quick to expedite their industrial hardware before the Argon Federation inevitably learned of the value such space would have and took to securing its resources before anyone else had the chance. Prior to the wormhole's collapse, however, the Terran government determined that expansion into Andromeda would put far too much financial and military strain on their civilization and, having Pandora's Gate to look after already, decided to auction off what they had staked claim to in such short time. The Democracy had almost totally vacated the galaxy when the event occurred and only a handful of colonial convoys remained within its boundaries at the time. With very little to survive upon, those left behind had no choice but to seek alliance with the Federation and submit to Profit Guild's self-appointed authority.

To this day the Democracy are almost entirely transparent in Andromeda; they work from small clusters of infrastructure built from what little could be scraped together and their ships rarely stray far from home. The most unfortunate aspect of the Terran situation is their clear electronic superiority, for Earth's craft have some of the best tracking, surveillance, and accuracy systems ever equipped to space-faring vessels, and their advancements in shielding equipment is equally remarkable. For this reason they appeal to the largest demographic of pilots in the universe but have a greatly limited supply to meet such demand. Nevertheless, the aspiring Terran economy prospers on the backs of others.


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