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Post by Mokonzi on 15.01.12 17:38

Please add the following to the ship construction queue for the TL+:

Split Caiman Advanced TSB
Terran Trebuchet M6B
Boron Sturgeon TH
Terran Hiryu TH

Once the TSB is completed, please kit it our in a similar way to what we were discussing for the TH, i.e. with the means to accommodate as many people as possible in a comfortable fashion.

The M6B is to stay docked, and will have it's cloak removed from it, and transferred to the Terran Hiryu once it is completed. Perhaps take the cloak off it, and then recycle it while waiting for the Hiryu to be completed. Once the Hiryu is finished, it is to have the cloak installed, and is to have the same accommodation added to the interior to allow for mass transport of crew and people (as per our discussion).

All ships are to be armored where applicable (excluding the M6B) with Reinforced Titanium Composite Alloy armor, and to have Autocannons fitted.

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