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Report to supperiors Empty Report to supperiors

Post by Guest on 19.01.12 0:04

Commands issued last week

borgrel wrote:*Gives M6B Terran Trebuchet the nickname Tubby
*Gives M3++ Teladi Crow the nickname Crow Bitten

Crow Bitten is ordered to dock at Whose Hand Shapes what Is for regular maintenance.
Trigger Harpy will accompany.

Tubby is ordered to fly to Boron Orca TL and to collect 2 marines, 4 midshipmen and an engineer.
Then to fly to Asclepius Charlatan Refugee Encampment to pick me up.
* Tubby will generate a tactical report on undocking and prior to docking at the refugee camp.

If attacked:
*If attacker is Trooper, immediately send out distress signal, cloak, and if m6 or less aproach to within weapons range and decloak, firing, targeting lateral weapons emplacements while moving at best speed, recloak and retreat if armour is critical.
*If the attacking force is inferior (2 m3++ or 3 drones - not including m3+'s) engage and maneuvre to attempt to keep only 1 foe in weapons rng at a time
*If the attacking force is superior immediately send out a distress signal
*If the superior force does not include an AOE sensor booster, cloak and perform evasive maneuvers till position is 50km away from cloak site, await reinforcements if no reinforcements enroute, move away at max speed
*Otherwise fly away from hostile units at max speed - evasively if needed, lower shields if no laser fire is in rng, and perform an emergency warp to Whose Hand Shapes what Is.


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Report to supperiors Empty Re: Report to supperiors

Post by Guest on 19.01.12 0:05

commands issued this week

borgrel wrote:Stands behind the airlock waving good bye to Ral.

The marines are ordered to make sure one of them is always within visual range of Ral and to observe his actions. They are given full autonomy to shoot him with a stun pulse and secure him if he acts seemingly contrary to the health of the ship or crew. They are then to contact me via a secure link and await farther orders.

Tubby is ordered to warp to Iron Maiden
* Tubby will then cloak and procede to scout by way of approaching within 2000km of all visible objects in a logical methodical manner scanning thoroughly. If a more thorough scan is deemed necisary, it should be undertaken in the most likely manner for keeping the ship and crew unharmed.
* Ral may observe all flight data and sensor data displayed for him by a member of the crew without being given any system access or contact with any consoles himself.
* Any requests for flight deviation given by Ral that do not endanger the crew or craft and do not interfere with the scouting of the system (e.i. small deviations, path changes, new coords to scan added to flight plan etc. but he may not order the craft to stop etc.) shall be carried out.
* A flight plan will be plotted based on preliminary data - primarily visual and lidar obtained after exiting warp - by pilot and reported to me. Any deviation will be reported along with reason why and new flight plan. Ship is given full autonomy to procede as seems best as long as immediately reported and actions continue the task of exploring Iron Mallet.
* A full tactical report will be generated on exiting warp, completing a scan of an object on flight plan, when any interesting event occurs and every 12 hours. The scan results should b included. Any additional information deemed noteworthy or of interest should be included in report.
* The 12 hourly reports should also include a full status report of ship, onboard conditions, any actions Ral has performed, any requests he made and whether they have been accepted or denied and the reason for denial. Any calculations, reports or concepts created by Ral should b included.

If attacked:
* Send out a distress sygnal and scan attackers as thoroughly as possible.
* Evade if possible (if ship(s) are slower) and continue objective by best means.
* Otherwise Emergancy warp to safety.


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