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Post by Mokonzi on 19.01.12 14:52

Since the status of most things haven't been updated for a couple of days, these commands are to be applied retrospectively...

Once the Boron TS are completed, they are to begin initially shipping materials required by the TL+ for all of it's processes.

The two new M6+ Heavy Katana are to join the other two already in service under SPP Alpha Defense with the directive the current wing has.

The new M8 Chokuto is to join M8 Terran Chokuto 06 and for them wing Relay Alpha Defense, creating the directive of protecting the construction site, and eventually the Relay once it is completed.

All new ships are to be renumber incrementally, and the warp capable are to receive enough cores for two complete jumps.

The Boron Dolphin 01 and 04 are to commence supplying the TL+ with what it needs as their main directive until further notice (once they return with their current cargos).

Please also provide a list of available refugees, and enlist all available.

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