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Military Deployment

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Military Deployment Empty Military Deployment

Post by Universe Overwatch on 23.01.12 1:26

Disguised Vehicle [500 RS]
High Mobility Vehicle [800 RS]
Utility Vehicle [800 RS]
Utility Helicopter [1,000 RS]
Armored Surveillance Vehicle [1,000 RS]
Air Defense Vehicle [1,000 RS]
Armored Fighting Vehicle [1,200 RS]
Infantry Fighting Vehicle [1,200 RS]
Scout Helicopter [1,200 RS]
Attack Helicopter [1,500 RS]
Heavy Utility Helicopter [1,500 RS]
Main Battle Tank [2,000 RS]
Gunship Helicopter [2,000 RS]
Artillery Vehicle [2,000 RS]
Command Vehicle [2,000 RS]


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