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Territorial Overview Psion11

The Psion Assembly is one of the four great civilizations of the world today, with a history as illustrious as the timeless dunes and sprawling canyons it calls home. The Assembly currently occupy the northern-most region of Astrinea, dominated by a deceivingly barren expanse of arid sand yet teemed with some of the most beautiful historical artifacts in the known world. The Psion have but one word for their land: Ogarad; enlightened beauty.

Historically, Ogarad has always been a land of plenty. Due to its proximity to the Golden Line, the crown of Astrinea is bathed in the heat of the Great Illuminator, and its abundance of indigenous minerals ultimately brought it settlement under the former Iestraen Sovereignty nearly two thousand years ago. For centuries the sovereign colonies of Iestra entrenched their operations in the desert's mountainous ranges, thus extending the Empire's grasp from the lushious South and beyond in the name of the Monarchy.

As generations brought new life to the sands, so too was the Northern culture reborn. The people of Ogarad remained true to the Foundation's Monarchy, and retained their traditions much the same as kings rose and fell, but hundreds of years saw great change in the social and moral identity of the desert. It wasn't until the State War of Independence only a quarter of a millenium ago, under the Rateskejard regime in Astrinea's frigid West, that the Northern civilization sought its own constitution.

The Assembly of the Enlightened rose from the ashes of the Great War, exploiting the Iestraen neglect of the North to turn the tables on the Empire. As the State forced upon the world the Statute of Independence in Rateskej's honour, Ogarad too severed its ties with the Foundation permanently, instating its own right for independence in a forceful manner. While clearly lacking in military magnitude, the Assembly did not expend much to evict all presence of the Monarchy from its sands after such a long and gruesome conflict between the West.

Foreign philosophers criticize the insurrection of Ogarad, which was ultimately a battle for ideology, but the Assembly's new oligarchy address their independence as the hallmark of enlightenment, whereby the individual finds themself free from the moral and physical boundaries of the Foundation's conservative methodology. It's no doubt that the Psion people are among the most mentally-adept and self-capable civilization in the known world, and pride themselves on such unique traits.

As for the political side of modern affairs, the Rateskejard State maintain a solid yet unobliged alliance with the new Northern identity, if only for the financial gain of both parties. Nevertheless, the hallowed, rich mineral veins of a free Ogarad continue to beckon the Iestra Foundation, who may never forfeit their crusade to regain what has been lost. To this end, relations between both nations are less than formal, but good practises still exist on the economic level. Hostility along Ogarad's southeastern border is frequent, a phenomenon that some might consider to be one of the desert's greatest profitable attributes.

Iestra Foundation

Rateskejard State

Talos Republic of Tribes

Electus Nomadus
Electus Nomadus is the exploration and cartography arm of the Psion Assembly.

Sāhari Drydock Administration
Sāhari Drydock Administration is the primary ship construction enterprise within the Psion Assembly.


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