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San Sāhar

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San Sāhar  Empty San Sāhar

Post by Universe Overwatch on 14.04.12 17:19

San Sāhar  UYLdm

San Sāhar

68.7°W, 5.5°S

“Where our forefathers once fought for liberty, we build our respite in the warm hands of the desert sand. It is here that our civilization may find peace with a world so increasingly corrupt, and upon this land do we bestow our prosperity.”

— Unknown Scholar

San Sāhar is the cradle of life for the Psion Assembly. It is home to millions and has served as one of the most influential trade hubs in the known world since its founding over a thousand years ago. Nestled deep beyond the rocky desert and entrenched among what little fertile land can be found, farther north than any similarly-sized settlement on Aestrinea, this capital city has easy access to water and wind and is thus renowned for its unspoiled navigational resources. San Sāhar, true to Assembly nature, is very welcoming, and merchants, pilgrims, and the shady alike are rarely turned away from its majestic gates.

Making trade in this secluded coastal capital has been made simple due in no small part man-made waterways and sophisticated aerial service infrastructure, furthermore reducing costly tariffs from sea and air to draw in mercantile highrollers from across the continent. With the northern expansion, San Sāhar has become an integral staging ground for convoys to Mercator’s Gate and Hook Reef beyond. Overall, San Sāhar offers a safe and comfortable neutral ground for transactions and aspiring business.

This settlement imposes the following tariffs on imported goods:
10% by way of sea
10% by way of air

Desert (hot and barren)
Average Midday Temperature: 25 °C
Average Midnight Temperature: 5 °C
Relative Humidity: 40-80%
Surface Winds: Strong, Offshore


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