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Sah'zkah Empty Sah'zkah

Post by Universe Overwatch on 14.04.12 17:27

Sah'zkah 8Dci9


70.0°W, 7.7°S

Sah’zkah is undoubtedly the hottest place in the known world. Set out in the heart of the desert and surrounded by vast tracts of sand and rock without wind, albeit afforded some irrigation from the northern lakes, this quiet establishment is home to the largest concentration of Psionic pilgrims in all of Astrinea. This land has always been revered for its beauty and sacredness, but today is little more than a stop-over for climate-hardened northbound Rateskejard trade convoys, for the searing sun and stale, motionless air rarely welcomes the unwary traveler kindly.

This settlement does not impose tariffs on imported goods.

Hostile Desert (hot, dry, and barren)
Average Midday Temperature: 45 °C
Average Midnight Temperature: 10 °C
Relative Humidity: 0-20%
Surface Winds: Weak


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