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Aijeigh Empty Aijeigh

Post by Universe Overwatch on 14.04.12 17:39

Aijeigh Klbnz


67.1°W, 11.3°S

A true testament to commitment and ideology, Aijeigh has stood the test of time in the longest contest in the history of conflict. Established over a thousand years ago to shelter Monarchist caravans along their voyage south, Aijeigh was one of the first settlements swept up by the Psion rebellion two centuries past, along with the crystal industry as Ogarad fell to the new Assembly. Sited awkwardly in the great Canyon of the Seraphim, Aijeigh has been the epicentre for an indefinite encounter since its independence countless generations ago. Both empires hoist their standards here and the Ogarad-Iestrona border is a veritable platform for siege engines and battalions as both sides seek to gain control of this now useless territory for the sake of settling an age-old dispute. Anyone wayfaring this region of canyon had better have good reason for doing so, because it’s no tourist destination.

This settlement imposes the following tariffs on imported goods:
40% by way of sea
30% by way of air

Subtropical (hot and lush)
Average Midday Temperature: 25 °C
Average Midnight Temperature: 5 °C
Relative Humidity: 0-20%
Surface Winds: Mild, Canyon


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