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Post by Universe Overwatch on 14.04.12 18:55

Electus Nomadus Electu11

Electus Nomadus is the exploration and cartography arm of the Psion Assembly. It was ultimately responsible for the discovery of New Ogarad and many unclaimed islands to the distant east. The collective is best known for its huge and elaborate tallship designs upon which it bases its nomadic operations, but little else is of significant importance with regards to this quiet and conciliatory organization.

The Electus Nomadus pennant is a long, tapered flag with a sky blue field outlined in white. The Assembly cross is often found near its base in either white, gold, silver, or bronze, depending on the vessel’s area of operation—north, east, south, and west respectively—and the jack may even be a deep, regal red for rare and special occasions. For inland and civil logistical work the collective flies simply the bare cross as seen above.

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