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Post by Universe Overwatch on 14.04.12 23:11

Ranks of Recognition Psion11

Once a small sect of the Iestra Foundation, the Psion Assembly was formed after a quick rebellion over two hundred years ago following the Great War. Seeing corruption brewing among the Royal Court and favouring mental control over the summoning practised by those within the Foundation, the Psion took to the north of Astrinea and severed their ties to the kingdom entirely and with very little resistance from the prodigiously stronger empire. Today the Assembly dominate most of the known world’s arid land and prefer to live quiet, nomadic lives, but are much more up-to-date with regards to technology due in no small part their growing ties with the mighty Rateskejard State. Their business savvy is excellent and their presence of mind second to none, despite their apparent passive personalities, and are actually very welcoming people.

Government Structure: Oligarchy
Dominion Size: 15%
Allies: Rateskejard State, Talos Republic of Tribes
Enemies: Iestra Foundation

Honoured Protectorate of the Assembly

Guardian of Enlightenment


High Chancellor


Respected Scholar







Tainted Nomad

Traitorous Enemy

Condemned Exile

Defiler of Enlightenment


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