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Post by Universe Overwatch on 16.04.12 4:13

Territorial Overview Ratesk10

Forged from the fires of insurrection under Olaf Rateskej I's indignant regime over two hundred years ago, the Rateskejard State is a mechanized powerhouse of scientific progress and military might. While the State's history is far from romantic, its fierce, glorious spirit has earned it the respect of its rival empires and authority over half of Astrinea today.

As with all of the known world at some point in history, the Rateskejard State was once a part of the powerful Iestraen Monarchy, where it was known simply as "Western Iestrona." Extending from the plains as far West as the continent reached, the infertile, mountainous tundra that the people under the king's sovereignty inhabited meant very little to the Foundation for thousands of years. The king's decrees reached the West, adulterated by the Monarchy's natural dislike for foreign peoples (to say the least) as the great, luscious East enjoyed the luxury of their expanding empire. It was for this reason that the West slowly began to adopt its own name, Vestarne, meaning "secluded civilization" in Western dialect.

While philosophers often debate the significance of its namesake, its truth in the eyes of the people—Vestarne's imperial neglect and clash of ideologies—was ultimately responsible for its uprising in the last three hundred years, for without much warning the distant colonies of the mountainous West were brought to arms under a contemporary political left-wing extremist known as Olaf Rateskej I, and the tundra states declared open war on the Royal Court and everything the Monarchy stood for.

Having rallied his campaign for years in advance, Rateskej's struggle pitched the entire continental West with its Eastern counterpart, and for nearly a decade the open plains that separated both powers became a restless battlefield. Civil war had become a war of independence, whereby Vestarne united for the first time to oppose its draconian oppressors.

However, it was an uphill battle. Despite boasting impressive technological advancements, the Monarchy's superiority was indisputable, and Vestarne's forces fell closer to their own capitol by each passing day.

Rateskej would never live to realize the potential of his free empire, for in the final months of the war, the leader of Western resistance commanded the grandest remaining fleet of Vestarne's airborne navy straight into Iestrona's heartlands. Bombers leveled cities before flying into their administrative districts, where their sacrifice brought to ruins the great empire from the inside. Rateskej himself commandeered the State flagship, a four thousand-tonne bomber-carrier, through the skies of Djudonia and upon the king's Royal Court itself. The Monarchy's standard burned beneath the mighty conflagration that single event produced, changing history forever.

War ceased from that point. The Iestra Foundation, unable to further its crushing advance with a lack of leadership and economic backbone, as well as its clear lack of power on the Western front due to tensions with the Commonwealth, withdrew its forces from the plains to console its crippled empire. The West seized this opportunity to declare its independence at long last, and through all its sacrifice a new civilization was born—a civilization founded upon the courage and commitment of its people, untainted by the divine authority of any monarchy, and to this day remaining true to its original purpose—the Rateskejard State.

May we be ever glorious.

Iestra Foundation

Psion Assembly

Talos Republic of Tribes

Conglomerate Enterprising
Conglomerate is the largest commercial and industrial venture in the known world, based out of the Rateskejard State.

Drager & Oresund
Drager & Oresund is the largest manufacturer of steam boilers and clockwork in the known world.

Federal State Militia
The Federal State Militia is the main military arm of the Rateskejard State.

Federate Shipyards
Federate Shipyards is the primary ship construction enterprise within the Rateskejard State.

Privateer Alliance
The Privateer Alliance is a government-sanctioned paramilitary founded by Rateskejard separatist extremists during the War of Independence.


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