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Conglomerate Enterprising

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Conglomerate Enterprising Empty Conglomerate Enterprising

Post by Universe Overwatch on 16.04.12 5:23

Conglomerate Enterprising Conglo11

Currently the largest mercantile corporation in existence, Conglomerate’s entry to the world of trade over two hundred years ago was swift and efficient, due in no small part wartime profiteering and early free-market monopolization. Today, the commercial titan operates multiple industrious subsidiaries within the State itself and both of its rival empires, invigorating its wealth in a widely-accepted fashion rather than forcing its way into international trade under a single flag.

Conglomerate’s parent standard features the gilded coin stack of Fortune’s Keep over bold, gold-tinted serif text on a white banner. The enterprise’s widely identifiable insignia with its clear contrast and regal appeal makes it easy to spot in the sky, typically atop mercantile facilities and dirigible rigging throughout the known world.

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