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Post by Universe Overwatch on 16.04.12 5:35

Ranks of Recognition Ratesk10
The State was forged from dissention—a lengthy war of independence driven by separatists and extremists seeking to rid the world of monarchy and its corruption. The State have never tolerated the Foundation, and even two full centuries later the empires rarely find trade let alone cooperation. Today the fearsome State dominates the world’s icefields and mountainous tundra, making good its valuable metal deposits in fabricating the viscera of its ultramodern war machines and harvesting the resources to fuel its highly mechanized industry. Progress is a business in its own right among the State, who are veritable masters of trade, order, and diplomacy.

Government Structure: Socialistic Meritocracy
Dominion Size: 30%
Allies: Psion Assembly
Enemies: Iestra Foundation

Glorious Defender of Liberty



Elevated Senator

High Delegate



Chartered Associate

Trade Ally






Federal Criminal

Enemy of the State


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