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Federal State Militia

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Federal State Militia Empty Federal State Militia

Post by Universe Overwatch on 16.04.12 22:01

Federal State Militia Federa10

The main military arm of the Rateskejard State, the Federal State Militia is a powerful yet discerningly secretive organization that operates worldwide, jealously guarding State property from anarchists and ultimately the Iestra Foundation. It isn’t known exactly how prevalent the Militia is but what is certain is their ferocity and efficiency in combat.

The Federal State Militia’s ensign is plain and simple—a white cross over a copper-orange field; it is stark with contrast and clear in recognition. While certainly far from original, the military flag is never a friendly sight to behold when hoisted with hostile intentions, and for that reason the Rateskejard have no objection to its lack of creativity; it’s intimidating all the same.

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