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Post by Universe Overwatch on 16.04.12 22:32

Privateer Alliance Privat13

The Privateer Alliance is a government-sanctioned paramilitary that was founded by Iestraen separatists during the Rateskej regime and still exists to this day as a prominent and well-respected entity operating under the State colours. Historically, the Alliance have observed the State War of Independence, rise of mechanized industry, expansion into foreign markets, and now the colonization of distant lands. While they may appear to be a shady enterprise, employing unconventional means of warfare and doing whatever it takes to get what they want, the Privateers—under the federal letter of marque—are more or less licensed to do so, thus it would be wise to avoid challenging that fact for a number of reasons. As the State now seeks to expand its influence beyond both Expansion Seas, the Privateers have been called to action after much respite in repelling new-found threats by anarchists and Foundation militants alike.

The Privateer Alliance’s aeronautical ensign is a full-black field featuring the State 3-dimensional jigsaw insignia in white and gold, thus demonstrating its loyalty to the State yet unconventionality in a similar manner of that of pirates—an odd combination but daunting nonetheless.

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