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Port Sovereign Empty Port Sovereign

Post by Universe Overwatch on 18.04.12 3:41

Port Sovereign 7p3nH

Port Sovereign

18.4°W, 12.8°S

“Upon this land do we bestow our future, and the future of generations to come, for this is the gateway to eternity and righteousness.”

— Baron of Half Isle Sovereignty

Port Sovereign is indeed the gateway to eternity, for there’s no better place to view the natural beauty of Half Isle, the most sacred land in the known world. Originally colonized over two decades ago during the Foundation’s first expansion phase, Port Sovereign was established quickly yet efficiently to receive and process the massive amount of materials necessary to move the Royal Court and Iestronaen industry several thousand kilometres across open sea. To this day, the bustling port town continues to serve as a fulcrum for all logistical activity between Astrinea, Half Isle, the Solara Ring, Hook Reef and its northern colonies.

While its use as a receiving harbour for the Royal Court has long been lived up, Port Sovereign has never seen better days as a trade mecca. Its wharves, drydocks, and marinas are enormous and offer some of the cheapest, quickest tendering of anywhere in the settled world. Unfortunately, poor relations and simple xenophobia have resulted in outrageously expensive air tariffs, thus airship are rarely spotted anywhere near the Port without flying Foundation colours—an equally rare and dubious occasion.

This settlement imposes the following tariffs on imported goods:
15% by way of sea
40% by way of air

Tropical (hot and lush)
Average Midday Temperature: 30 °C
Average Midnight Temperature: 15 °C
Relative Humidity: 30-80%
Surface Winds: Strong, Offshore


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