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Territorial Overview Empty Territorial Overview

Post by Universe Overwatch on 18.04.12 5:15

Territorial Overview Ratesk10

Vestarne accounts for the northern half of the modern Rateskejard State geographically, comprising chiefly marshy lowlands and rocky, infertile tundra as with much of what its southern counterpart has to offer. This province, retaining its original name under the Rateskej regime since the dawn of the Great War, is the heartland of the mighty State and the backbone for much of its industrial enterprise.

While politically passive, often operating out of the interests of State relations with the Psion territories of the North rather than tackling the struggle for international identity and ideology, Vestarne retains an equal share in State congress as the "sober second thought" with regards to exactly how internal and external affairs are managed. For the most part, however, the Vestarne territory minds its own business, facilitating its own endeavours in the shadow of the State's capitol.

Iestra Foundation

Psion Assembly

Talos Republic of Tribes

Conglomerate Enterprising
Conglomerate is the largest commercial and industrial venture in the known world, based out of the Rateskejard State.

Drager & Oresund
Drager & Oresund is the largest manufacturer of steam boilers and clockwork in the known world.

Federal State Militia
The Federal State Militia is the main military arm of the Rateskejard State.

Federate Shipyards
Federate Shipyards is the primary ship construction enterprise within the Rateskejard State.

Privateer Alliance
The Privateer Alliance is a government-sanctioned paramilitary founded by Rateskejard separatist extremists during the War of Independence.


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