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Post by Universe Overwatch on 23.10.11 1:22

Research & Development Blueprintj

Here you can view and manage your research items as well as the laboratories owned by the alliance.

Blueprints Management

5 / 5

Electronic Warfare
Completed Monday January 30, 2012 (22:05 UTC)

Astronautic Dynamics
Completed Sunday February 5, 2012 (20:30 UTC)

Core Nividium Excavation
Completed Saturday February 18, 2012 (20:30 UTC)

M9 Ironclad
Completed Monday February 27, 2012 (22:07 UTC)

Command Ship Operation
Completed Thursday March 1, 2012 (20:30 UTC)


The alliance does not have any laboratory space available for reverse engineering or ship modification.

Current Advancements

Stealth Technology
Jump Drive Operation
Capital Ship Operation
Advanced FTL Drive Operation
Carrier Management

Advanced Harvesting
Advanced Metallurgy
Field Construction
Energy-Matter Sciences

Skirmish Warfare
Advanced Armaments
Siege Warfare

Turret Engineering
Basic Conventional Projectile Technology
Advanced Conventional Projectile Technology

Jury Rigging


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