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Post by Universe Overwatch on 21.09.11 3:26

Tactical Interface Innerandromedashattered

White denotes completely neutral space. There is no dominant alliance in this territory and thus no established authority or security. While neutral space may be largely insecure and lacking in infrastructure, it is often easy to voyage due to such emptiness and its resources will be fresh and untapped. Freelancers will find this space to suit their needs best when building independently but should always remain vigilant as there is no stopping anyone from conquering such territory aside from the neutral entity's own resistance.

Blue denotes space dominated by a trustworthy and well respected alliance. While this does not mean they are totally benevolent, and in fact are often highly territorial, blue space is generally the safest for neutral parties and the economies therein are often well-oiled global machines. Blue alliances share a common hostility toward reds and the borders between such collectives can become heavily contested warzones if no prominent power can be established quickly.

Red denotes space dominated by a very untrustworthy and widely disliked alliance, but such reputation is nothing but a side effect to the pirates, anarchists, and outlaws of deep space. The particulars of such territory range greatly depending on the prominent entity but all red space is widely regarded as very dangerous at best and no place for amateur industry. Much like their noble counterparts, reds must often rely on honour among thieves to retain their presence and can form fearsome allegiances when necessary for the greater good of survival and prosperity. Freelancers are heavily cautioned when crossing into the void but countless profit opportunities await those with a knack for diplomacy and a sharp sense of awareness.


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