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Post by Universe Overwatch on 21.09.11 12:11

AFT-DSA-01 (Setting Out) LogoTech-180x160

So you're interested in setting out into the vast, lawless, largely inhospitable tract of space known as our backyard? Excellent. Ever since the opening of the gate this place has been in serious demand for capable captains and the plague of anarchy only invigorates by day. Well, the good news is you probably won't get blown apart immediately, but at this point I have absolutely no way of reinforcing such statement so you'd be better off expecting the worst. I'm here right now to get you on your feet and working out in the far reaches of void but it's not an occupational requirement of mine to make sure you don't get jumped by some pirates on your way out -- that's your part of the deal. Still confident? Well, enough with the formalities; we've got a very short amount of time to whack a lot of knowledge into you so let's get to the point.

You are currently at the Lost Universe Hub, a central network developed by some recon junkies a few months ago to monitor every aspect of this new space, and it still exists today so they must have done a bang-up job. The Hub is where you'll be doing all of your direct management; ships, stations, and resources will be dealt with by you and your allies in specific locations on this board but there's certainly no preventing you from negotiating and scheming in more strategic locations such as TXU. I would implore you to take a look around at what's available to you and, while it may be overwhelming at first, the current state of the universe. Of course it will take some time to understand everything, which is why I'm here right now. Let us continue.

When you enter the Lost Universe you'll have merely a cheap excavation ship, a freighter, and a light warship to your name. As you've probably noticed by now there are more ship classes available to you than in the X Universe; a ton more -- at least double. A veritable boatload, and you'll learn how to field them all to their true potential in due time. As for these two and a half lowly civilian craft, they will be your lifeblood and sole source of survival for a while until you can build yourself up, assuming you can outlast the pirates that prowl these neutral waters. You can view your assets in space under your personal tab, which can be found at the main Hub below the Alliance Administration paraphernalia -- yes, alliances are more important than you so they're at the top.

This concludes the introductory part of this guide and I will now lead you to more specialized articles of knowledge that cover the basics of navigation, construction, and of course combat. Good luck and press forward, just don't go toward the light.

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