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AFT-DSA-05 (Docking & Inactivity)

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AFT-DSA-05 (Docking & Inactivity) Empty AFT-DSA-05 (Docking & Inactivity)

Post by Universe Overwatch on 22.09.11 0:28

AFT-DSA-05 (Docking & Inactivity) LogoTech-180x160

Inevitably there will be a lot of time in which you're not connected to the Lost Universe Hub. Unfortunately things don't just vanish when you're not looking after them, but your commands will be carried out in realtime regardless of your activity on the network. Conversely, ships in space with no given directive will be left without leadership during your hiatus and, in accordance to their size and class, will either remain derelict in the void, seek nearby shelter at friendly infrastructure or carriers, tag along with a nearby friendly fleet for protection, or cloak up wherever they are provided they're carrying a mask generator and sufficient energy cells (we'll cover stealth later, but in premise certain covert ship classes are capable of hiding in plain sight with some fancy equipment). Here's a general guideline for how each ship size category responds to being left in space without orders, as well as where you can expect to dock a certain class upon any form of infrastructure:

Super Capital (M1+, M2+, TL+)

These ships are so large that they cannot dock anywhere and will remain in space at all times, so make sure they're consistently well defended because these expensive behemoths are very easy to locate in the public database. Unlike their smaller counterparts, however, super capitals will take care of themselves quite efficiently in combat if given the opportunity. While mostly pertaining to the M1+ Alliance Command Ship supercarrier class, all super capitals are designed to operate almost exclusively autonomously and need not be micromanaged even when their commander is online. Still, it the added awareness of a skilled leader will give the edge to anyone in combat.

Capital (M1, M2B, M2S, M2, M7B, M7S, M7, M8+, M8B, M8S, M8, TL, TM+, TE+, TO+)

These ships can only dock at capital stations and will otherwise remain in space at all times, much like their larger counterparts. The only true logistical benefit of a standard capital ship is its ability to dock at shipyards, large outposts, and some service facilities.

Sub-Capital (M6B, M6S, M6+, M6, M3++, TSB, TS++, TS+, TPS, TP+, TP, TMB, TM, TE, TO)

This class can be docked almost anywhere and will seek nearby shelter at friendly installations and capital ships if neglected. While they will typically remain on site for an hour or more without directive, corvettes and most industrial craft will find a suitable nearby berth if they have nothing better to do, and aren't really that hard to send back into space if necessary.

Drones (M3+, M3, M4, M5)

This class can also be docked aboard any carrier ship and may only be deployed through the administration of their home vessel. When not in active use, drones will automatically remain docked aboard the carrier but routine patrols may be deployed from the carrier's flight deck if requested by the ship's operator.



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