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The Cataclysm

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The Cataclysm Empty The Cataclysm

Post by Universe Overwatch on 14.12.11 1:59

The Cataclysm The_mi10

They always tell you to be prepared.  They say it can happen at any time, but you don’t believe them.  You can never prepare for when it really happens.  Be it out of your own naïve ignorance or the simple fact that it couldn’t possibly end like that, you’re not ready for it when it does.

The Cataclysm took everything.  It destroyed lives.  It wiped out industry; the economy.  It tore asunder society and civilization itself.  It left nothing for those of us who lived only to see its wrath devour voraciously everything that stood before it.

They knew what was coming.  They knew we were hopeless all along.  They knew, yet they did nothing.  In the final days of order the Foundation made it clear to us who they really were.  Yet here we are, the lucky few left alive.  We were spared, but to what end?

They forsook us.  We are alone to face the aftermath and this new, harsh reality.  They won’t be back—not a chance.  There is nothing left for them here, they made that clear.

Together we stand, and from nothing we must venture a new beginning.


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