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Royal Expeditionary Fleet

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Royal Expeditionary Fleet Empty Royal Expeditionary Fleet

Post by Universe Overwatch on 16.04.12 2:42

Royal Expeditionary Fleet Royal_12

The Royal Expeditionary Fleet is the main military arm of the Iestra Foundation and has existed for as long as the Royal Court has held sovereignty over Astrinea. Its efforts during the State War of Independence were less than substantial, having been quickly overwhelmed by separatists during the grueling several-year conflict and only barely managing to keep at bay Commonwealth naval forces during re-colonization. It is for these reasons that the Expeditionary Fleet has been subsidized into such a considerable force to be reckoned with today, and maintains a dominant presence on the world’s waters abroad. Proclaimed to be more ubiquitous than the State and Commonwealth navies combined—albeit clearly lacking in superior firepower—the Fleet patrols its waters with vigilance and loyalty, and won’t hesitate to strike any target without question if deemed necessary.

The Royal Expeditionary Fleet’s ensign features the white, intricate leaf-and-flame insignia of the Iestra Foundation over a diagonally-divided brown and deep green field and is bordered by a thin crest of gold. Such elaborate design is a symbol of good faith and status within the Foundation as the Royal Fleet is the only non-monarchy entity within the Foundation with near-absolute power.

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