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Royal Fleet Protectorate Empty Royal Fleet Protectorate

Post by Universe Overwatch on 16.04.12 2:48

Royal Fleet Protectorate Royal_13

The Royal Fleet Protectorate is the military administrative arm of the Iestra Foundation. Commissioned by the Royal Court after the insurrection of the Psion Assembly, the Fleet Protectorate exists as a figurehead for all naval operations under the Coat of Arms and serves as a last line of defense for the Court itself in the event of paramount military response. With the Foundation’s entry to the Expansion theatre, the Protectorate has sought to educate and equip aspiring explorers under any flag if their intentions are good—a fact that comes as a surprise to most.

The Protectorate’s ensign consists of the Foundation insignia in deep green upon a green banner with a border of similar yet lighter hue—the true colours of the Monarchy. With its profound loyalty to the Foundation, the Royal Fleet Protectorate strives to defend the individuality and recognition of the oldest civilization in the known world, and presents itself as such. To this end, the Protectorate and its ensign serve as clear identification for undisputed superiority, but will always remain a sign of salvation on the horizon for crews lost at sea, regardless of their allegiance, where its power cannot be undermined.

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