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Territorial Overview Empty Territorial Overview

Post by Universe Overwatch on 15.04.12 23:19

Territorial Overview Iestra11

The Iestra Foundation is the oldest surviving civilization in the known world, with a heritage that extends well beyond documented history. While far less contemporary than its equally imperial and highly militaristic counterparts, the Foundation survives, after centuries of insurrection and re-colonization, as a prominent empire today.

For thousands of years the monarchy held sovereign power over the vast majority of its land and its people, but due to the sheer size of its empire on Astrinea it was inevitable that it would one day collapse. The states of the West, drawn into insurrection under a separatist regime, broke free from the Monarchy over two centuries ago, followed shortly by the Northern desert colonies of Ogarad.

As it always has, the Foundation stands for conservatism and deep spirituality. The Iestraen Royal Court continues to govern its people, guiding them through hardships as a liaison between the people and their religious deities, and is perhaps the best example of enduring tradition in the known world. The Foundation are masters of ancient elemental arts, due in no small part their well-preserved heritage, and defend their way of life with ferocity and a well-deserved sense of superiority.

We are as we always will be, amen.

Psion Assembly

Rateskejard State

Talos Republic of Tribes

Protectorate Shipyards
Protectorate Shipyards is the primary ship construction enterprise within the Iesta Foundation.

Royal Expeditionary Fleet
The Royal Expeditionary Fleet is the main military arm of the Iestra Foundation.

Royal Fleet Protectorate
The Royal Fleet Protectorate is the military administrative arm of the Iestra Foundation.


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